Welcome to the author`s project «Travel & make photos together». This resource unites people for whom photographing and traveling have become inseparable part of their way of life, hobby and even professional occupation. Just during traveling one takes the opportunity to look into the most concealed and beautiful places of our marvelous Planet. I am fallen in love with my native land Transcarpathia and that is why the Ukrainian Carpathians became the source of my inspiration and realization of my creative plans. I invite all who wishes to make an interesting and fascinating trip to the Kingdom of Blue Mountains and ancient firtree forests. «Planned a trip?» – is a blog, where you will find detailed information about photo tours, photo plein-airs and trips in the mountains.

Section «My Carpathians» contains the most interesting information about the Carpathian land. There are articles and reportages on geography, topography, flora & fauna of the Ukrainian Carpathians; trips organization, tips and hints for those who is going to make a trip in the mountains, detailed weather forecast in the Carpathian mountains, customs and traditions of highlanders, their mode of life, the essentials of national cooking, receipts of unique Carpathian dishes, cooking tips and hints and, of course, the Photo trip gallery «Traveling by Carpathians».

«Traveler`s Diary», containing illustrated reportages, will tell you about wonderful journeys, mountain trips and unbelievable adventures, which happened to me and my friends.

I aim to deliver to everyone who visited this website my experience of the marvelous world, opened in the light of my camera. In the section «Gallery» you will find dozens of pictures carefully chosen from my photo archive during all years of my creative activity. The gallery will be constantly enlarged with my new works and any of them you can purchase and receive (in printed version) by any convenient way.

I hope that visiting the pages of my website will bring you a lot of enjoyment because each of you will find here something native and dear to your heart, interesting and informative.